We're coming to Amsterdam – to stay 

Come join us! 

Copenhagen, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Oslo… 

We’ve done it before! 

… successfully opened offices across Europe with the backing of the well-established Novicell group – and now the Dutch market is calling for us. 

Maybe it’s calling for you too? 

We are always looking for bright new colleagues to come join our European adventure, live with a balanced work life and grow our business with us.

At the moment we are especially looking for

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Why should you (seriously) consider working with us?
Well, we could talk all day long about all the good reasons why – here are just a few of the best:

At Novicell we:

  • value a life besides work too
  • have a flexible benefits package
  • have opportunities to travel and work across all our offices
  • have talented and experienced digital specialists all over europe
  • Have huge projects and technical setups for you to deep dive into

So, the question might really be: Why not?

Get to know us better

We do business online. Internationally.
And we… Who are we?

Novicell is:

  • Working together to strengthen our clients’ businesses
  • More than 300 developers, e-commerce specialists, strategists, designers and marketing specialists
  • Working with a business-orientated and fact-based approach
  • Among other external partnerships, we are Umbraco’s biggest agency partner

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Enough about us...

The real stars are really all our fantastic clients.
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